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Welcome. I'm Marc and this is a Toolkit to create things.
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Product R&D Toolkit

Welcome to my Product R&D Toolkit. A place for the various tools, frameworks and processes that I use in order to launch and develop digital products in a lean, rapid manner.

It also contains a wealth of other resources that will help immensely with the Product innovation process - I also welcome and encourage collaboration where possible, so feel free to get in contact via the chat window (bottom right), LinkedIn or the email found on the about page.


Creating new things is hard, failure is the rule, not the exception. However, whether we succeed or fail, it is important to document the process so that lessons can be learned, mistakes can be identified and things can be improved - leading to efficiencies and ultimately a delightful product that fulfils a user's needs.

I created this toolkit as my Second Brain - a means to document the various frameworks, processes, tools and methodologies that I have come across that have emerged primarily through Design Thinking - all in order to help carve out the right product for the user, the market and the business rapidly.

The toolkit is split in to 4 core sections; Research, Design (TBC), Product (TBC) and Delivery - these are the general areas that need to be covered in order to develop and launch products.

Some notes on this toolkit;

Product R&D Toolkit Sections

Date Update
19/10/2020 Phase 1 of the Toolkit is now complete.
09/10/2020 Phase 1 virtually complete, just working on resources and then need to do some admin.
10/08/2020 Soft launch - just uploaded the site, currently debugging and proof reading.